Indecision on the protection of the Andalusian site of San Esteban

Indecision on the protection of the Andalusian site of San Esteban

It is intended in the Andalusian suburb of the 12th and 13th centuries discovered in 2009 next to the Palacio de San Esteban, begin before summer with the renovation of its geotextile with the aim of protect the deposit.

Not being able to establish a museum due to lack of budget, Rafael Gómez as councilor for culture, argued that it will be the committee of experts appointed by the Ministry of Culture that has to meet to determine some proposal. However, the Community comments that the convening of any Committee is not foreseen and therefore that the remains are covered does not seem to be a priority at this time.

Arguments seem to be contradictory, since in October the Mayor Chamber denied that the geotextile of the place would be renewed, despite the City Council ordering to write a preliminary draft in order to execute it.

For her part, the socialist councilor Mar Rosa asked in May 2012 that measures be taken to protect the site, closing it with vinyls showing finalist projects in the ideas competition of the College of Architects. This initiative seems to be that if it will be partially fulfilled, by covering the site's fences with decorative vinyl in which companies will be sponsored.

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