New excavation at the Roman villa of Navenby

New excavation at the Roman villa of Navenby

Due to suspicions that there may be a Roman Village buried in the subsoil of a Lincolnshire village, England, excavation has started to make the guesswork true.

It is clear, in addition to being suspected for decades, that an ancient settlement took place in the Navenby village. Archaeologists argue that the excavation at Navenby will help to learn more about the Roman occupation of the AD55 area.

In 2009 excavations were carried out that revealed remains of the 3rd and 4th centuries, but experts believe that they could reach the first phase of the invasion if they continue with the works.

The Navenby Archaeological Group It was created in 2000 to monitor discoveries. At first they thought that the remains could belong to a station of Roman service, in which travelers passing between London and New York obtained food. But in 2009 they were surprised to reveal the evidence that it corresponded to a Roman villa in which there were about 300 houses.

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