Who was Patroclus? Achilles' best friend biography

Who was Patroclus? Achilles' best friend biography

Patroclus could be considered the best friend of the Greek hero Achilles. He was recruited as a Greek chieftain for the trojan war.

After ten years of war, Achilles argued with Agamemnon, commander of the Greek troops, so he decided that his troops, the so-called myrmidons, they will walk away from the fight. This decision gave the Greek army a large number of casualtiesat the hands of the Trojans.

Shortly after the Trojans they burned some ships of the Greek fleet.

Therefore, Patroclus tried to convince Achilles that will resume the fight and lead the Myrmidons into battle, as they had taken part of the Greek army prisoners, but Achilles refused.

Patroclus poses as Achilles in the Trojan War

Patroclus had long and long observed Achilles' way of fighting, so in order to instill courage among the army, he stole the armor from Achilles and dressed in it went to the Trojan walls to fight them, which he drove back.

Hector, a Trojan prince and general, was fighting alongside the army outside the city walls. Seeing someone wearing Achilles' armor, he thought it was the Greek hero so faced him personally.

Finally, he killed him. By removing the mask and seeing that it was not Achilles, Patroclus prophesied that he would finish him off.

Achilles went crazy when he learned the news of the death of his friend, so that challenged Hector to avenge his death. He was the winner of the combat.

He also organized some funeral games to honor the memory of his friend in which there were chariot races and even the pankration, a kind of wrestling, was fought.

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