Greek Mythology: Apollo and Daphne

Greek Mythology: Apollo and Daphne

Every time there is a sports competition, or just looking at old representations of winners, there is always something in common: a Laurel wreath on the victor's head. The Greek mythology has an explanation for this fact. Interestingly, it has its origin in a unhappy love story.

Apollo, son of Zeus and Leto, he was considered the god of music, poetry, light and even divinatory arts. Throughout its existence it had numerous romances both with mortals and with nymphs and goddesses.

One day he dared laugh at eros, better known as Cupid, who was practicing with his bow. This one, when feeling humiliated By the arrogant god, he decided to teach her a lesson. When Apollo was in the forest hunting, he saw in the distance a beautiful young woman named Dafne, which was actually a nymph.

Eros decided to seize the moment and shot two arrows. The one who shot Apollo was golden, which produced a passionate love. However, to Daphne shot him a lead arrow, whose effect was exactly the opposite, feel hatred and revulsion towards the god who had fallen in love with her.

Apollo then decided chase Daphne wherever he went until he got his love, but Daphne, under the influence of the lead arrow, I fled as best I could from him. To get to Peneo River, Daphne, tired of so much flight and just when Apollo managed to reach her, asked help his father, which was none other than the river god. He, having compassion for his daughter, decided to do the only thing that could save her: turned her into a tree, the laurel.

When Apollo at last I reached her, He saw how the limbs of his beloved stiffened, his arms turned into branches, his feet took root and his hair gradually became leaves until his head became the crown of a beautiful tree.

Affected by what had just happened and thinking about how much he loved her, he promised that she would be his tree, the one that always represents him. That way, its leaves would adorn its head and that of those warriors, athletes, poets or singers who will triumph, becoming symbol of triumph and victory.

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